The car shopping process can be complicated. It requires a lot of research on features, test drives, and negotiating. You may even change your mind about the car you want. Taking time to prepare can make the car buying process much easier. Like everything else, there is a checklist for this task as well.

Checklist for Car Buying

What to buy: The first thing to do is decide what you want an SUV, a car or a compact vehicle. What features would you like in the vehicle? And how much can you afford in monthly payments? Don...continue reading

Kia almost has a market monopoly in the SUV segment, absolutely dominating the class with its various releases. With that said, Kia is well on its way to becoming a market leader. With the Telluride winning every imaginable award and the Sorento and Sportage also keeping alive the legacy of dominance, it is no wonder that Kia is one of the leaders right now.

This automobile manufacturer makes great cars at an even greater price. Punching well above their weight, Kia gives its buyers the best luxury and performance that their...continue reading

If you are looking for a new vehicle, then consider buying a certified preowned vehicle. Why is such a vehicle better than a new one? Or a vehicle being sold by an individual? Here is a look at the CPO program and its components.

Why CPO Vehicles Are a Good Idea

Vehicles sold today are complex, with a lot of computerization and engines. These vehicles can be difficult to repair if something breaks down. If you are looking for a good used car, then a certified pre-owned one is the ideal choice.

Any vehicle sold under this program...continue reading

Nissan has been the peoples champion since time immemorial. They make affordable cars that punch above their weights. With decades of experience under their belt, Nissan has been on a roll in recent times. The 2020 Nissan lineup is loaded with options at every price point.

Whether it be the under $20k market or the $40k segment, Nissan has a car for every prospective buyer. For people looking for a new daily driver, the 2020 lineup seems to cover a lot of ground for not a lot of money. 

Best Nissan Sedans That...continue reading

Credit ratings play a very important role in qualifying for a loan, including a car loan. If your credit is bad and you need a car, you have 3 choices borrow a vehicle, buy a car with a subprime loan, or rent to own. This option may be better than the other two, especially getting a subprime loan. There are few options to consider before going down this road.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Rent-To-Own

Credit ratings: Auto lending interest rates are affordable for those who have great credit ratings. Some dealers...continue reading