One of the biggest questions that come to your mind when buying a new vehicle is whether to put a down payment on it or not. The question of whether to increase the monthly loan payment or to decrease it by putting down a down payment often plagues the customers looking for car finance companies. Let us take a look at five main reasons why you should definitely consider putting the cash down for the new vehicle.

Lesser Interest

It is common knowledge that a smaller loan entails a smaller interest cost. The more cash...continue reading

Most of us common people apply for an auto loan to get the car of their dreams. However, the ideal candidate requirements for an auto loan may vary from one lender to another. However, there are certain factors that are common in most lenders for approval of the auto loan. Let us take a brief look at them.

Credit Score and History

Most of the in-house financing car dealers know that approving a car loan involves a certain amount of risk. However, people having a bad credit score or subprime are considered to be more...continue reading