How to Know You’re Getting a Good Deal on Your Auto Loan

With a wide variety of credit institutions and banks available now, it has never been easier to get a loan. But since everyone can now get a loan what all should you be wary about? How to tell whether it is the best loan for you?

Here are few things to do to ensure you are getting the best deal on your loan - 

Buy the loan separately from the car

You should begin your loan application process before you even buy the car. If you have a good credit score most of the banks, credit unions, and online lenders will have no hesitation in approving it.

Credit unions have lower rates than all their counterparts. This is because the competition among them is fierce right now. You can get prequalified for the loan and go to the car dealership with a blank check.

Don’t search for too long

If you keep searching for the perfect loan option paralysis will start creeping in. This will cloud your judgment and hamper further decisions. It is best to limit your search period to a maximum of two weeks or so. More inquiries can lower your credit score but the two-week period is perfect.

Know your credit history

You can get free copies of your credit reports online and be familiar with them when you go apply for a loan. Always remember that an Auto Loan will require a lower score than a mortgage loan. So even if you think your score is lower than optimal there is a chance that it is good enough

Know what is right for you

Would you like a longer loan period or a shorter one. Are you in a position to pay off the loan as soon as possible? These are some questions you should ask yourself. Get the loan that you will be comfortable paying off. 

Read what is written

Take your time with paperwork and clear all your doubts with the lender. If you do not feel comfortable with some terms you can always ask if they can be modified. This loan is a binding agreement that will last a few years. Make sure you are comfortable with the agreement.

Ask about your lender

There is a good chance that your friends and family have taken a loan from someone and might know some good lenders. There is also a possible chance they might have researched about your seller and will give you an unbiased review. 

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