Worried About Making Your Auto Loan Payments? Your Lender May Have Options To Help

Young professional women paying bills on her computer and stressed about making ends meet.

Many consumers opt for car financing to finance their purchases. However, there can be certain unexpected situations such as a sudden loss of job, medical exigency, or car repair. Such conditions can have a big negative impact on your financial condition such as repossession of your car, delay or default in paying installments, and negative credit reporting.

In case you go through one of these conditions, you should consult your lender. They may have many alternatives for you so that you can repay your loan. If you face any such financial hardships and fail to pay your car loan, contact your lender. Be forthright about your financial situation. If you call them as early as possible, they can come with low-income help for you. Check out some of the following options available to you.

1. Request for a payment deferral or extension 

You could be going through some financial hardships, which can continue for a longer duration. In such a scenario, asking your lender for a payment extension could be a sensible choice for you. However, payment extension plans may differ from lender to lender. Each lender might have set up distinct criteria to evaluate your auto loan account.

Some of them may restrict the count of occasions for which your payment can be deferred. On the other hand, some lenders may not even qualify you for a payment extension in case you are lagging behind the payments. Get connected to your lender and find out what their exact requirements are.

Typically, a payment extension enables the borrower to defer a specific number of monthly installments. Usually, 1 or 2 monthly payments can be deferred until some other date. Such an arrangement can offer a short respite for a borrower who is suffering from a natural disaster or sudden financial crunch.

2. Ask for a payment plan 

In case you failed to make your payment on time, your lender can help you with a payment plan. So, it becomes simpler to catch up, as well as, repay the payments missed. On the other hand, the demerit of this arrangement is that after the end of the planned period, the borrower should begin making payments again. They may be asked to pay their monthly installment and also a part of the payments they missed.

As there is a daily accrual of interest according to many contracts, the interest amount a borrower owes between payments may alter while requesting a payment plan.

3. Request for a change in date when the payment is due 

You were making your payments on time but a sudden financial hardship leaves you struggling to pay your monthly installments. It can be a scenario such as a date change for your paycheck and your lender can adjust the date of your due payment.

If you have a feeling that the due date of payment is not synchronized with the date on which you get your monthly income, there is a way out. Contact your lender to request a change in the due date so that you do not face any difficulty in paying the monthly installment.

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