Lending to Good People with Low Credit Scores

At NJ Auto Lending your story is very important to us. Our plan puts you on the path to better credit with a vehicle you love while saving you thousands.

We can’t help bad things happening to good people, but we can help good people with low credit scores

At NJ Auto Lending our job is to say YES and offer you the lowest rates and terms possible for your credit situation. Our plan is designed to help you improve your credit score, quickly build equity AND significantly lower your cost of ownership.

Low Credit

Do You Have Low Credit?

Buy here, pay here? Sub prime? There’s a lot of confusing terms thrown at you when you have a low credit score. We’re here to make things simple! Usually, when you have a low credit score your options are pretty limited; high down payments/high interest rates/poor quality vehicles. Not at NJ Auto Lending! We are different, because our solution to your low credit situation is different.

Lease Here, Pay Here

What is NJ Auto Lending?

Our Lease Here, Pay Here model consists of 12, 24, 36, or 42 month used car lease plans. We structure your monthly payments with the intention for you to build equity FAST. We report timely payments to the credit bureaus in order to start improving your credit score, all while having access to your own personal credit coach along the way. No one can change what’s happened to you in the past… but we can help change your financial future.

How are we different

How Are We Different?

Other dealerships say they can refinance you in the future, but in reality, they only say this to get your business. with no real plans to refinance you in the future. Our program is built on building your credit and refinancing you. We WANT your credit situation to improve! We WANT you to refinance in the future. Why? Because this benefits you and sets you up to be our customer for life; when you win, we win!

Increase Your Savings

Increase Your Credit Score… Increase Your Savings!

Increasing your credit score will not only help save you money on your car payment, it can save you thousands of dollars throughout the rest of your life. NJ Auto Lending is centered on the idea of getting you into a clean, reliable, safe vehicle, while assisting you in improving your credit. NJ Auto Lending is here to help drive your way to better credit.

Why NJ Auto Lending

Why Choose Us?

Your credit score is the primary focus for traditional lenders. Traditional options for consumers with low credit usually consist of high interest rates, long term loans, less reliable vehicles with high mileage and most times, they may leave you out of equity. That’s where we jump in to help. Our job is to say YES. The difference between us and a traditional lender is that we say YES with the promise to offer you the lowest rates and terms possible for your credit situation. Our plan is designed to help you improve your credit score, quickly build equity AND significantly lower your cost of ownership.

Sokal Guarantee Badge

After 50% of your on-time payments are made, you can either refinance at lower rates and terms, trade out at lower rates and terms OR reduce your monthly payment by 30%.


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How It Works

Step 1
Step 1

You choose your vehicle

You can choose any car on the lot and NJ Auto Lending leases the vehicle to you in a 12, 24, 36, or 42-month lease. All vehicles come with maintenance, warranty, and gap insurance.

Step 2
Step 2

You build your credit profile

Each month, we will submit your payment history to Equifax, and Experian. Making timely payments and working with our in-house “Credit Coach” can help significantly improve your credit profiles.

Step 3
Step 3

Break the cycle of high-interest rates

Our plans are designed to help build equity quickly, so you can escape high-interest rates and avoid old, high mileage vehicles. Our goal is to put you in a position to refinance at lower rates and terms, as soon as possible.

Step 4
Step 4

You can buy the vehicle at any point in the lease

At the end of the term, you can choose to turn it in, buy it at the residual value, or trade it in for another vehicle.

Who Qualifies?

 No Credit Needed

 Make Minimum $350/week

 Currently employed or have other steady income sources

 Ability to make timely payments

 Willing to work with our “Credit Coach”

 Credit problems behind them

 Alternative forms of identification accepted

See what others have to say

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